Thursday, December 2, 2010


I was searching for some photos today, then I found this :) My dog "miki" lol
he's such a cutest dog :) black mini poodle.

He has been spoiled, and he always think that he's human :) he pick up lots of human habit :) pee at my washroom WC, sit down while eating, and sleep tide on pillow and bed lol !

I bought him out shopping with my shopping bag since he was 3 months old, and since then he'll get excited anytime I carry that bag :) and he'll sit still in the push cart when shopping in the wet market :)

He's also well behave, he'll never ever touch my food on the coffee table, even though I walk away and leave him alone, my food is safe :)

He's no longer with me, I missed him so much.....

Love you Miki.

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  1. Miki seems like he was such a sweet puppy, sorry for your loss :(
    I completely understand since I recently lost my puppy. I miss her everyday, hope things get better for you. And thanks for joining my blog, I enjoy yours ever much :)