Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mini 2 doors "Cabinet".

I love Daiso, a Japanese chain store that sell every single item at SGD 2, from kitchen house hold to stationary, skin care and toys etc....
If you have a brilliant brain and innovative ideas, you will find lots of stuff from the store and with your crafty hands, turns to an amazing good useful item or a piece of art !

Here is what I found :

4 pieces long wooden boxes and 2 pieces of 5R wooden white photo frame.

Stacked them like in the pic showed. 
Covered with designed paper, I did some white wash with white acrylic paint around the edge to tone done the colour and make it more shabby looking.
Trims, flowers, metal gate and ornate frame are from Prima Marketing, crochet doily and laces are from my stash that I had it some times ago.
Added a mini hinges on the side of the frame, and wooden knob as a drawer handle.

I added some tiny flowers at the corner and inside the drawer.

Hope you like it and wish you get some inspiration to make your own.

Happy crafting !


  1. Elaine??? Is it really you? BIG WELCOME back to blog land! It's wonderful to see a new post from you. What a beautiful and creative project! Thank you for the inspiration! I look forward to seeing much more from you! :o)

    1. Dear Nancy, no words can describe how I appreciated you to continue stayed and followed me even I've been "disappeared" for so long due to many things in life that so in the way.
      And be the very first to leave me a comment on my very first blog after decades.
      Thank you so much !

    2. You are very welcome! :o)

  2. Love this cabinet. very pretty and sweet.

  3. Love this cabinet. very pretty and sweet.