Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Scrapper's Party

I've organized a scrapper's party, invited 20 people from the FB, we had so much fun !!! I've made a few little gift that they can take home, all the food decoration, some of them are so sweet that contribute food and dessert, some of them made me handmade gift, which is so touched ;)
Here is some photos 2 weeks before the party to share with you :
Lucky draw ticket

Name label for the tag

Postcard to exchange contact

My sketch and planning for the party

Bag to keep tags


Adopt an owl home after they finish the food on the stick 
Lucky draw prizes
During the party day

Selling off some of unwanted stash to make new room

Everyone was having so much fun and now looking forwards to the second party ;)

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  1. Oh, Elaine! What wonderful fun! You certainly know how to throw a party! I bet everyone had a fantastic time! Thank you for sharing it here! :o)