Sunday, May 17, 2015

Miniature Dollhouse

Hallstatt Cafe

I knew I couldn't stop having fun to create miniature or making them from a kit that I found from store or from online store, since I started the first one ( Castle), I knew this is no ending. haha!
Today, I'm gonna share this European style romantic cafe dollhouse, it took me on and off almost 6 months to finally complete today and I couldn't wait for another second to share it with you.
I had the most fun time while putting this miniature dollhouse cafe together, also had the most hard time ever ! lol
So many intricate details and it makes me wonder since when I have "big and fat fingers" ?! 
Besides the intricate items, the wiring connection for total of 10 light bulbs via switches is also a huge challenge ! I messed up for the first time when I try to connect all the messy wires, and I really did a wrong connection and caused all the light bulbs to blow !! It was quite frustrating.

I have been trying hard to think  and figuring how does the wiring work..... and luckily I have success for the second try, so so happy !!

The outdoor chairs and tables were another biggest challenge, to bend all the wires in the same shape and fit for all.... It took me very very long time and lots of lots of patience.

The amount of cutting for paper cups, saucer, straws, plates, even pack the tiny macaron in the tiny mini plastic bag and wrapping those display in the shelve with wax paper..... many times I nearly give up!! haha !

Come ! come ! let's have a cuppa while continue telling you the story .....
(It's gonna be lot's of pictures !)

Welcome !

Side view of the cafe

Front view

When the lights on

There is a "huge" chandelier lights  hanging above the sofa seats.

Chandelier lights ( made from wire and beads)

Balcony garden seats

Come ! have a seat please ! :D

Please, have a strawberry :D

The outdoor street seat.

After shopping, sitting down and read some books while enjoying a cuppa.

Peek from the window 

Let's go in and take a look !

The window display

The whole front part of dollhouse can be open

The interior of the cafe

The coffee counter, cut and glue the paper cup, sauce, plate and muffin cup one by one.
Blender made from wood pieces and beads.
Create the coffee bag from scratch.

Paper cup for take away coffee

Sofa seats next to the window.

Display shelve with books and recipes.

The cakes and pastries shelve.

Lots of 'yummy" dessert.

Coffee bean grander made from wood pieces and beads.

Cookie jar

Coffee creamer

Mini tiny tray with a cup of coffee, creamer and some fruits.

Hope you have a great tour and now, let's have a look at what are the mess that I have created and the making process.

Just took out from packaging.

All the loose pieces.

Start building....

Cut and paste muffin cups

Love the chairs

Outer shell is up.

Fixing coffee counter

Something missing

laying wax paper for the macaron

Building cake shelve

Done !

Arranging tiny food

Packing macaron in plastic bag

The base of chandelier lights before adding beads for decorating

Birdcage lighting

Install light bulbs

Figuring  the wiring

Final step, planter

Top view

Installed the switches for the lights

Installed and music box

This is my mess !! lol

Hope you have fun like I do, and if you love dollhouse like me?  stay tune for the next coming up dollhouse share !


  1. Oh, my goodness gracious, Elaine! It is absolutely incredible! It took you ONLY six months to create! Wow! The detail is amazing, and I could spend ALL day looking at it! So very wonderful! :o)

    1. LOL!! That took you a little while, Elaine! :o)
      You're welcome!
      Have a wonderful weekend!