Saturday, May 9, 2015

Miniature Dollhouse


My love for the miniature doll house has always been in my heart, since I was very young. 
I get influence by the fairy tale stories and always believe there is a tiny fairy living some where in the garden in front of my grandmother's house, always went to the garden and hunt with my imagination. 
And I wanted to keep them and make a house for them to live with me :D

Till today, I still wish,  there are tiny fairies living some where in the garden :D

I knew in future I'll start making and collecting miniature house one day .... and will not able to stop.....

Here it is ! 

I discovered this miniature castle kits from one of the huge book store when I visit Malaysia.
I couldn't resist.... and I know, I couldn't leave the place without this miniature kit.

 Let me show you the finished castle before I take you thru the making of ....

Welcome to my princesse castle

This is the out look of the castle when the lights off

 I installed some lights, it looks cozy

Peeking from the window, here you can see the living room beside the stairs.

When the first half of the door panel opened

Full panel opened

It has  2 storey 

The cozy living room area

Love the wall paper. Every single item are made from scratch, including the water jar, basket that hang on the shelve,the bowl of apples, the plant...

The sofa seat and cushion also stitched and build from scratch .

Here is the upstair bedroom, very princesse and pink :D
The perfume and nail polish are so adorable.

Some present boxes and bedroom slipper.

I had so so so much fun making this doll house.

Let's have a look on the making off now.......

All the loose pieces ......

 Building he wall and furniture....

Building bedroom furniture...

Vanity table and cabinet, cosmetic...

Books and magazine...

Installing lights and wiring...

Yeah !! it's working ! ( I just anyhow connect the wiring lol)

Apples !

Basket to hod the books and magazine.


Planter pot infant of all windows...


Hope you like it too !!

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day !


  1. *gasp* ELAINE!! Your miniature castle is incredible! I love miniatures too, and have a little collection. I also have a kit to put together but I've never seen such a castle before! WOW!! You did an amazing job, my friend! You have inspired me to work on mine! Thank you! :o)

    1. Dear Nancy, I'm so glad to hear you get inspired by me .
      can't wait to see what you have making :)