Saturday, May 23, 2015

Makeup Theme Dollhouse

"One:11" dollhouse - Commissioned Assignment From The MakeupRoom

One of my good friend, Jyue Huey. She is the best makeup artist in town, her makeup skill is incredible, I learned some of my makeup skill from her, but I have never reach her level.
She own a makeup service company, always have a new ideas, new creation....

One day, she asked me if I can do up  a dollhouse miniature for her recent makeup event theme ?
I was so excited ! after a short discussion with her and her theme mate and see the picture and the actual event set up, I decided to give it a try.

I get my crafty best friend Carol, who are really good and in love with miniature making to join me for this project, and she is too, very excited and happy.
We don't have a very pro planning or details discussion or neither sketch .....
We just crap the material  and start making ! lol

So, I went to Carol's house about 2 to 3 days a week, from around 11am to evening time, about 8 hours each time to do the project.

We get so excited each time when we manage to figured and completed an item, sometimes we get frustrated when things don't work out like what we imagine, and failed but we still manage to create after all, the fun that we had was incredible and unforgettable !!
The thinking of finding a suitable materials was infinity !!

I can't wait to show you the project, let's not talk so much and see the picture !!

This is how it looks like

The botanical back ground  

When the lights on

The portable makeup case with a movable tray

The compact powder


The cap can be open and close

The compact powder

The eye shadow

Liquid foundation and facial cotton

Makeup brushes

Tiny mini cotton bud

Fake eyelash and eyelash curler

Facial tissue and facial cotton

Hair Iron

hair pin and rubber band

Tiers tray with hair accessories

Flower hair band

Hair band with Bling bow

Tiny drawer for storage

Biz card and brochure 

The botanical back ground

With lights on

The portable chair

It's foldable

Hair dryer

Hair equipment station

Ipad and mini easel stand

project completed with box cover

I was too engrossed and didn't manage to take enough picture during the project, here is a few that I took at the begging...

Started with the makeup case

The casing to hold the light bulbs

Installing the light bulbs and censor switches

Drilling the tiny wood stick for the stand and the chair

Bending eyelash curler with wire

Cutting and assembling the back ground with Cameo

This is the actual event, does it look alike with what we made ?

Thank you for stooping by and I wish you like what I have shared.

Happy crafting !